When people are exposed to viruses or bacteria, their immune systems produce specific antibodies to fight the infection. Antibody levels aid doctors in determining if an illness is new or old. Serological tests can be used to diagnose viral infections, bacterial infections, and other infections.

Niraamaya Diagnostics may test for bloodborne pathogens and analyse blood samples with serology for vaccine-preventable diseases, mosquito-borne diseases, and diseases spread from animals to people. The key goal is quality control with excellent results. To do this, the department deploys cutting-edge technologies that vastly improve test accuracy while reducing the risk of human error.

The modern procedures used produce high levels of sensitivity and precision, as well as excellent outcomes.

What is the purpose of an antibody serology test?

This test may be required:

  • To see if you've had an infection recently or in the past.
  • To see if you've been vaccinated. You may require this test to determine if you've been vaccinated if your medical records are incomplete.
  • To determine the efficacy of a vaccination. If you've already been vaccinated against a disease, the test can determine whether your vaccine is effective
  • As a condition of your education or workplace. Depending on the organisation, documentation of previous infection or vaccination may be required.
  • To see if you have lupus or another autoimmune disease.