Color Doppler

Doppler ultrasonography is a type of imaging technique that employs sound waves to visualize blood flow through blood arteries. A conventional ultrasound may also provide images of structures inside the body using sound waves, but it cannot reveal blood flow. Doppler ultrasonography detects sound waves reflected from moving objects, such as red blood cells, and measures them. The Doppler Effect is the name for this phenomenon.

Doppler ultrasound testing comes in a variety of forms. They are as follows:

  • Color Doppler. A computer is used to convert sound waves into distinct colours in this sort of Doppler. In real time, these colours depict the pace and direction of blood flow.
  • Power Doppler. It can provide you more information about blood flow than a typical colour Doppler can. However, it is unable to display the direction of blood flow, which is critical in some circumstances
  • Spectral Doppler. Doppler Rather than color graphics, this test displays blood flow data on a graph. It can assist in determining the extent to which a blood vessel is obstructed.
  • Duplex Doppler. Ultrasound imaging of blood vessels and organs is used in this examination. The photos are then converted into a graph by a computer, similar to spectral Doppler.
Color Doppler