What One Can Anticipate From An MRI?

Can Anticipate From An MRI

If your doctor has recommended an MRI and you’re looking for a diagnostics center for MRI in Varanasi, make an appointment with Niraamaya Diagnostics. It is among the top diagnostic facilities for MRI in Varanasi.

What is MRI?

A medical test called an MRI or magnetic resonance imaging creates images of the inside of the body using magnetic and radio waves. It creates detailed images of human anatomy with outstanding soft tissue contrast using a high magnetic field. Depending on the part being examined, MRI scans typically take 20 to 40 minutes. MRI and CT scans may initially seem alarming and large, but the truth is quite different.

MRI is typically recommended when other significant tests are negative. It offers exceptional anatomical detail as well as answers to clinicians’ queries so they may choose the best course of treatment for the patient.

The various MRI components

The most common conditions for which an MRI is recommended are those related to the nervous system (tumors, infections, headaches), the spine (tumors, infections, disc problems with nerve compression), the musculoskeletal system (tumors, joint problems), the heart (undiagnosed conditions), and the abdominal region (infection & tumors).

The patient is instructed to fast for about 4 hours prior to the MRI in order to prepare for the test. A thorough medical history is gathered, together with a review of prior investigations and operation history. Check the patient carefully for any metal objects that can interfere with the image, such as earrings, spectacles, mobile devices, credit cards, key chains, coins, hairpins, and rings. Although MRIs are recommended for all age groups, it is advisable to avoid them in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy. 

Learn about the MRI procedure.

The patient is instructed to recline on a table within the long tube-shaped MRI machine. The machine makes a loud thumping noise that the patient may find distracting. To distract the patient from the loud noise, the patient is made to wear earplugs or ear muffles that are playing soothing music. The time required for scanning is between 20 and 60 minutes. To prevent picture artifacts or distortion, the patient is instructed to unwind and remain still. For enhanced image quality, the patient may occasionally be instructed to hold their breath.

A panic button has been installed in case of emergency because some patients feel claustrophobic in the little tube. In the case of a patient who is exceedingly claustrophobic or recalcitrant, the scan can also be done under anesthesia. MRI in Varanasi has no known negative side effects. Any number of times can be used for the MRI scan.

Effects of an MRI

You don’t need to follow any post-procedure instructions or requirements after the MRI scan. The doctors start analyzing the photographs to make the appropriate deductions and provide you with a top-notch report.


Selecting a reputable diagnostics facility, such as Niramaaya Diagnostics for MRI in Varanasi, is crucial. What are you waiting for? Call us right away!

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