Things to remember before a blood test in a pathological lab

Things to remember before a blood test in a pathological lab

Blood tests have been advised to monitor various health conditions present in the body; more so because it also helps in the early detection of disease and helps in maintaining our overall well-being. Hence, one needs to shed their fear surrounding the blood test since it is administered for the greater good.

Simplifying blood tests

Perhaps the most common test in any pathological lab or in the center for diagnostic imaging is a blood test. It can be done as part of a routine check-up for an already existing medical condition or to diagnose a benign disease. Blood tests are also significant for the presence of bacteria and viruses that have been causing discomfort to the patient for a long. Seldom do blood tests cause any major pain or side effects. Rather they give a clear picture of what the medical condition is like and it also speeds up the process of subsequent treatment.

How a successful blood test can be administered in a pathology lab

Much as the pathology labs are well equipped with all the equipment and trained lab professionals, there is an equal onus on the person who is supposed to take the blood test. Some of the mandates they need to follow are:


Appearing for a blood test with a full stomach is futile and it does more harm than good for the blood test. It is for the same reason that doctors and lab technicians advise fasting for at least 8 hours prior to the blood test. The prime reason for this guideline is that the blood’s vital composition reading could change if there are other liquids that run through the body other than water. This can lead to inaccurate results. For instance, if one consumes something other than water before appearing on a blood sugar test, his/her sugar levels may come higher than usual and it might only add to the confusion of the doctor. When you are fasting and keeping yourself hydrated by just drinking water, the baseline of your sugar levels will be easy to figure out. Thus you can get accurate results.

Water intake:

Another reason to have ample water intake is that a hydrated body is useful in a smooth blood draw. A hydrated body plumps up the veins as well. As a result, the lab technicians of the pathological labs can easily locate the veins and draw blood from accurate points, and that too with minimal pain.

The only minor and temporary cause of concern is mild swelling or bruising in the skin area which was punctured to draw blood. It is a normal occurrence and the swelling along with minor pain (if any) tends to subside in a few hours.

To sum up, it is fair to say that blood tests are not something to fret about. A bit of guidance on how to prepare one’s self for a blood test can alleviate all the fear and anxiety.

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