Test Of Blood Sugar (F, PP) At A Pathology Lab In Delhi

Test Of Blood Sugar (F, PP) At A Pathology Lab In Delhi

A test of blood sugar is advised by the doctors to patients if the latter has a reason to believe they can be diabetic or pre-diabetic. This procedure comprises of measuring the right amount of glucose in the patient’s blood. A person’s body absorbs carbohydrates from various food and fruit source which gets converted to glucose. In addition to being a type of sugar, it is also the source of energy in the body. To find out more about Blood sugar F & PP test, read more.

The types of test

A simple blood sugar can be done at home by the concerned person himself by drawing a few drops of blood. To do so, they must have a glucometer, a device that measures the concentration of sugar in the blood. If you are unsure of conducting the test all by yourself, that is when you need to look for an imaging diagnostic center that also offers service of blood sugar test. Once you reach there, a trained pathology lab worker will draw blood, and send it forward to the lab for further tests and observations. This is a process that would take place not once but twice. The pathologist will take the blood the first time in the morning while you are fasting and once you have your lunch, the pathologist will draw blood again. Some pathological labs have the facility home collection of blood samples for this test. This acts as a benefit for people with ailment and to the old age group as well.

Choosing the right time

Diagnosis of high blood sugar at the right time is most necessary. Find out more

  1. Type 1 diabetes- The diabetes experts advise keeping tabs on blood sugar levels consistently. This goes as an important advisory for people who take multiple doses of insulin or use an insulin pump. Therefore, be sure to check your blood sugar levels after exercising, eating a meal or snack, before and after your bed time. A blood sugar test advised before taking any stressing activity like driving or babysitting.
  2. High blood sugar- Patients with high sugar levels must undergo the F, PP test to check if they have developed diabetes. This must be done by them when they feel thirsty very often or have a constant urge to urinate. If any of such symptoms occur on a regular basis, it is time you got a blood sugar test done. In some cases, the specialist may even modify the treatment and diet plan. Even after a well chalked out diet plan, a person can have high blood sugar as stress and sickness can result in high sugar levels.
  3. Low blood sugar- Not just high blood sugar, low sugar is equally a matter of concern. Nutritional deficiency does cause malnutrition but the same can also trigger obesity. It is because of these reasons that one must neglect low blood sugar levels. Consult a doctor and undergo the necessary steps when you see the symptoms like shakiness, hunger, nausea, irritation, weakness and confusion. Lower blood sugar levels can make even the adults a little cranky.

There are other moments too when you need to check for the pathology lab in Delhi. For example, pregnant women must get their blood sugar tested because of the fact that they develop gastrointestinal diabetes during pregnancy. It happens when specific hormones alter the way our body utilizes the insulin. This results in the accumulation of sugar in blood.

In order to get more of a detailed analysis and a robust treatment plan, get your tests done at a reputed diagnostic lab to wane every chance of getting diabetic and to keep the blood sugar levels within the level which can be managed without much intervention of doctors.

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