How home collection of samples by pathology laboratory is easing test processes

How home collection of samples by pathology laboratory is easing test processes

The thought of undergoing a pathology test at the pathology laboratory is enough to open the floodgates of anxiety. It is for the same anxious thoughts that people avoid regular health check-ups. Moreover, the sharp rises in COVID-19 cases in recent times have reignited the fear which had left everyone stunned a few years ago. Such problems need immediate solutions and giving the service of home collection for blood and urine samples for a plethora of tests is one of them. It is a potent solution not only for situations that we are facing at the moment owing to the pandemic threat but it can also be handy for old aged patients and senior citizens. Emergency calls for a test can also be solved in a much more efficient way with the home collection service of a pathology laboratory.

The collection of home samples has made it easy and has brought back the confidence of people to get their checkups from the comfort of their homes. Another factor to have encouraged them is the accurate and same day report deliverance at the doorstep. Many of the pathology labs in South Delhi have trained staff who are equipped with all the necessary apparatus needed to perform the test when they arrive for home collection. The sheer chaos and the atmosphere of anxiousness can be stressful for some. So when they are assured of a healthcare staff who is also fully monitored regarding temperature scanning and other sanitization protocol, it becomes relieving for the ailing person. Any kind of preventative measure can be very helpful to the community and that is exactly what we try and ensure.

Health ignorance is big of a concern as not getting timely care for a serious health concern. Therefore, the home-based collection of samples can prevent the same health ignorance. Furthermore, any serious or benign health condition can be assessed in a timely manner and this timely detection can allay much of the fear.

Benefits of home-based pathology test in a nutshell

  • Access- Home-based collection of blood samples or other specimens is a boon to many people who stay far off from the area wherein pathology labs are available. As mentioned before, it is most suitable for ailing and aging patients. Such test facilities also give physicians a chance to deal with cases originating from far-flung areas as they can access the test reports in digital form.
  • Comfort- Any pathology test must not be grueling. With the help of a home-based test, this pointer has been successfully worked on. Oftentimes, it has been seen that the patients who have opted for The method improve the patient experience because it’s easier to use than other self-sampling devices and is less painful and stressful than venipuncture blood draws. Patients can collect precise samples of blood at home, minimizing the number of visits needed for healthcare follow-ups, such as therapeutic drug monitoring.

Safety- Remote blood collection promotes safety for both patients and healthcare providers. Patients don’t need to visit a clinic for blood collection or testing. Instead, collection kits are mailed to the patient for blood collection. Patients mail their samples in the provided envelope to the lab for testing.

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