Getting an MRI in Varanasi – Before, During and After

Getting an MRI in Varanasi – Before, During and After

Are you researching for an MRI in Varanasi to help you or a loved one make a critical diagnosis? Your requirements are known to Niraamaya, and we are prepared to help.

The directions and guidelines you must be aware of before having an MRI in Varanasi are covered in this article.

Prior to the MRI

To enter the safe MR system room, any accompanying individual must also finish a screening form. Before the exam, you will also need to take a dye sensitivity test. If you have any questions or concerns before the MRI test, please speak with the MRI technologist or radiologist.

You will often be given a gown to wear for your MRI exam. Additionally, MRIs can use several items, including cardiac pacemakers, neurostimulation devices, and medication pumps. To ensure your safety, you must follow precise procedures and disclose the specific type to the MRI technologist and radiologist.

Before entering the MR system room, you will be asked questions (i.e., using a screening form) about the existence of implants or devices. You will be instructed to remove any jewelry made of metal and to search your pockets and hair for metallic items.


During the MRI

During some MRI scans, a contrast agent called gadolinium might be injected into a vein to produce a clearer image of the examined area. The dye administration could be affected by allergies, asthma, or heart problems. Investigations like PT/INR and RFT/Sr. Serum Creatinine Levels must be done before the test.


As the MRI procedure begins, you are free to breathe normally. During various MRI in Varanasi treatments, you might need to hold your breath momentarily.


A nurse or MRI technician will slide the table out of the scanner to give the contrast material during the exam. This is often done with a small needle attached to an intravenous line that is put into a vein in the arm or hand.


At some time during the examination, the substance is injected; a saline solution will drip through the intravenous line to prevent clotting.


Following the test

Even though you must remain motionless during the imaging, you might be able to walk around a little bit between each sequence. The MRI technician will give you the necessary guidance.

The Key Lesson


The patient’s main job should be to relax and lie still. Your anticipated scan time will be communicated to you beforehand. Most MRI scans take between 15 and 45 minutes, while some can take up to 60 minutes or longer, depending on the body part being examined and the number of pictures needed.


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