Clarifying the myths and misconception about gynaecology visit

Clarifying the myths and misconception about gynaecology visit

The internet may be the best and easily available source of information at our disposal but at the same time, it is the medium which also manufacture half-baked and potentially misleading facts. Any information in regards to visiting to a gynecologist or a pathology laboratory. It must be understood that a person has to deal with the situation at hand instead of relying heavily upon internet sourced information. The same goes for the visit to a gynecologist as well. So let us discuss about the common myths and misconceptions that have developed regarding gynecology over the years.

You must be 21 years old to visit a gynecologist or obstretics

People consider this to be true. However, in reality, these are nothing but myth which have been peddled on the internet and based on orthodox thinking. The truth is that females i.e. girls who are even 13 years old may have the need to consult an gynecologist in pathology laboratory for initial consultation. The female reproductive health specialists can also help in allaying the fears of young women and teens and answer concerns regarding the menstrual cycle and provides earlier sex education. The pathology lab in South Delhi doesn’t generally include a pelvic examination for the youngest patients unless strictly recommended.

You only need to visit a gynaecologist during child-bearing months

Again, this the most mistaken theory. One should visit the gynecologist whenever the needs arise. That way, a woman can have a better knowledge on how to go about their medical condition and what the process of treatment would be like. IT also gives them the opportunity to discuss any unusual or concerning bodily changes which accommodate aging, pre-menopause and menopause. Moreover, these check-ups coupled with necessary tests can also help in cutting down the risk of cancer like cervical cancer at an early age.

Seek the help of a gynaecologist for all gynecology conditions

Pregnancy is one of the major phase of life in every woman. Hence, there is a need for frequent check- ups with the physicians to screen for diseases like cancer. They can also come in handy for discussing any concerns regarding general female health.

Birth control pills pose dangers to fertility

People have been buying this myth almost blindfolded since many years now. But it must be understood that there is no threat to fertility due to the use of birth control pills for long time. Hormonal birth control pills do not cause infertility. However, if you still have more concerns, it is time to get in touch with pathology laboratory.

An USG test is extremely painful

A lot of myth has been floating around urology test and most of them orbit around the fact that a woman is supposed to remove all their clothing at the time of the test. This absolute junk of a myth holds no truth. In fact, the urology test is a simple test involving  small probe called transducer. The technicians then apply a gel directly on your abdomen skin so that you just have to raise your cloth up to your belly button. Once the high frequency sound waves travel through the gelled area of the abdomen, it becomes easier to probe and generate pictures of the internal organs.

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